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No-code Visual AI Platform -

Tap into our expertise to rapidly build and deploy data and AI solutions

AnalytX-Demo-2020.mp4 is a visual Data Science platform to build, deploy and integrate Statistical, Machine Learning and Deep Learning models

No-code AI model creation and deployment with drag-and-drop.

Intuitive interface using BPMN compliant Business Processes.

Seamless integration of processes and models with existing enterprise applications.

Predictive scoring on live data in real-time applications. has low cost of implementation and rapid return on investments

Enable non-programmer Business Analysts and Data Scientists to build AI business solutions.

Utilize existing domain knowledge and data to build effective business solutions for a fraction of the cost.

Enhance business applications by applying data science concepts to fine-tune the built models.

How Does It Work?

Each AI Pipeline in the Platform is depicted as a business process. The desired outcome for the business use cases are custom-built, based on business objectives and needs, by following these two steps:

Process to Generate AI Models Interactively & Iteratively

Create training processes using drag-and-drop BPMN Editor without writing any code then fine-tune and repeat until the desired optimization is achieved thru the following:

1. Read historical data from an external source.

2. Transform, cleanse and organize the data.

3. Create Features and Tuning Parameters.

4. Apply ‘Machine Learning’ or ‘Deep Learning’ Algorithms.

5. Execute, Measure and Test Model Accuracy.

Business Process to Generate Predictions

Interactively create (Predictability) Scoring for business processes (API for Prediction) using the drag-and-drop BPMN Editor without writing any code:

1. Create business processes using the AI model created in Step 1.

2. Deploy the processes using the platform (one-click operation).

3. Real-time predictions for your enterprise applications via ReST, JMS, etc.

4. Optionally, schedule processes to run in the background and generate predictions on batch data.

Generative AI Full Stack Java Application Generator

Power of AI to reduce your Time to Market and increase ROI


Our App Generator harnesses the power of Generative AI to interpret your natural language commands to generate an application! By giving it commands such as "Generate an Employee Managment App".  

Optionally, you can fine tune the presented entity model, again, by using natural language such as "Add manager name and id attribute to Employee" or "Make Employee and Project relationship many to many". 

Once you are satisfied with the entity model. Click the "Generate" button and our App Generator goes to work. A few minutes later, you have a fully working and deployed app running in a container that is ready to be used. As per your instructions given during the app creation, it even has security enabled. A fully functional database has been created (with tables, keys, and constraints, as specified). 

The App also generates a fully functional CRUD UI with screens to view, add, modify and delete the data. It enforces the integrity constraints within the entities.

The App also generate a fully functional ReST API layer, that you can start integrating in your other enterprise apps or front-end apps immediately!

You can start using this App immediately or customize to add custom business logic layer or to enhance the UI.

Since the cost of generating the entire app is minuscule, you can start over as many times as you like and experiment until you have an app that satisfies all your business needs.

The same App if written and generated using traditional methods, would cost you months of time, effort and a very large sum of money.