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We have deep experience in implementing technology projects from inception to delivery. With our vast technology exposure and skills, we have been able to build and deliver complex mission and business critical applications for our client with razor sharp focus on quality and business fit. 

Following is a select list of projects we have completed as primary implementers. Our involvement in these mission-critical projects was overarching and in leading roles both as the implementers (architecture, design, development, testing) as well as business leaders (vision, strategy, leadership, business fit, alignment and project/program management).

Employee Scheduling and Attendance Management

Built a highly scalable, near real-time attendance and scheduling management system for 100K+ users in a complex business data integration environment with ERP and multiple third-party external systems, involving regulatory and legal requirements, fraud-prevention measures, 1500+ end-customer coordination requirements. Rest API spanning 100K+ mobile devices and for 100s of real-time monitoring consoles and portals. 

Solution was built using enterprise Java and related frameworks, ReactJS, Android Mobile App Integration, AWS and GCP cloud environments, AI based solutions, Rules Engines, real-time and batch data feed processing, Android Mobile Application, sophisticated charts, reports and management portal, monitoring video wall, and ERP integration.

Employee Face Identification and Matching

A client needed to identify if an employee applying for a job has previously worked with them. This client hires 20,000+ employees each year and fraud prevention is a business-critical use case for them. We developed an AI based solution, initially utilizing a CNN/DL algorithm and individually coding and matching the faces invoked via an API call. Further iterations used proprietary algorithms through the AWS Rekognition system and added more business logic to manage, categorize and keep audit of all employees and their matching histories. - A No-code Visual AI Platform

Envisioned, architected, designed and developed a leading edge, sophisticated, and functionally rich No-Code Visual Data Science platform that rapidly builds AI solutions and integrates seamlessly with customers' enterprise applications. Each AI Pipeline in the platform is implemented as a business process. The desired AI outcomes for the business use cases are custom-built solutions based on business objectives and needs. A vast array of technologies and ML/DL algorithms were supported.

Covid Detection from X-ray Images using AI

During 2020, we developed a Deep Learning based application to identify Covid from chest X-rays. The implementation was based on many open Deep Learning Neural Transfer Learning algorithms such as Inception V3, Xception, VGG 16, VGG 19 etc. The developed application was presented to major US Healthcare centers. The solution functionality and applicability received many accolades.

Backend as a Service (BaaS) Platform

Architected, designed and developed a cloud-based Back End as a Service (BaaS) platform that streamlines application development, reduces costs, and expedites the delivery of mobile or web-based front-end applications.

With this BaaS Platform, anyone could swiftly create front-end applications without the burden of managing architecture, design, and backend implementation complexities. It handled various backend services, including Data Management (declarative data storage, CRUD operations, and SQL-like queries), User Management (profiles, password management, and social graphs), Security (Authentication - local or third-party OAuth, Role-based Authorization), Assets Management (binary files like pictures, videos, or documents), and Notifications (Push, Emails, and SMS Notifications).

Developers could easily integrate platform's backend features into their front-end applications using REST APIs and SDKs. With AWS cloud-based architecture, highly scalable NoSQL Cassandra database, ElasticSearch, and custom components, the platform ensured to meet the growing demands of front-end applications without the need for developers to manage DevOps functions. Moreover, this powerful BaaS platform that could serve as an Omni-channel Content Delivery Platform. Its server-side logic capability allowed content formatting tailored to channel-specific requirements. 

Response System for the Prevention of Emergencies, Crimes and Threats (ReSPECT)

Designed and developed a personal security product which incorporated a wristband, a call center, and a network of security personnel vehicles connected via mobile devices.

The solution enabled crisis prevention and response for the citizens by utilizing a GPS enabled wristband (with smartphone as an alternative). On pressing the Panic button on the wristband, the citizen got location specific help and information from a trained call center agent. If the agent was unable to get the citizen out of the crisis and an emergency or a crime could occur (or had occurred), the agent would forward the case information to a nearest security vehicle (via a tablet computer installed in the vehicle). The security vehicle would receive the victim’s information as well as the best route to get to the victim’s location. The agent would track the vehicle’s progress and keep in touch with the citizen until the security reaches the location. Post incident, follow-ups were performed by the system to collect the performance data and to ensure that the forwarded cases were handled in an appropriate manner.

Global Reservation System

Our team defined the architecture, established design, and developed & tested the full software backend of a global reservation system for an industry leading ground transportation company.  Transformed legacy application portfolio of multiple disjointed systems into a single centralized, secure, and highly scalable application. Established Business Services API for booking and management of the global reservations, established XML/SOAP based API for integration and Adapters for legacy/proprietary formats & protocols for B2B integration. 

Our team established consistent and reusable business and application data models and implemented schemas, domain objects and database models. Established enterprise Java, Spring Framework, and IBM WebSphere based Service Oriented Architecture (SOA).

Realtime Dispatch System for Logistics Management

Our team implemented a centralized logistics management system for a US wide implementation for a leading client. This application built on loosely coupled, layered, highly-available, secure, low-latency, highly-functional distributed Service Oriented Architecture implemented in Enterprise Java provided a solid backend for a system with real-time updates and presentation to highly-demanding fine tuning of the logistics services.

The frontend was a complex GUI where rich features such as sorting, async data refreshes, drag and drop, etc were needed. Hence a Rich Internet Application using a combination of Flash (generated by Flex) and JSP/Ajax was developed.  Flex applications were able to refresh discrete portions of the screen and change from one view to another without having to wait on the browser to refresh the page.  

Billing Management System

Our team designed and developed a global billing application with system-wide pricing transparency, cross-region and segment sales efforts and multi-channel access support directly contributing to client's revenue growth and significant business value.

Our team was instrumental in this multi-year, multi-million dollar business and IT reengineering program. This enterprise Java development program was done through iterative and incremental processes involving multiple teams.

The project involved B2B integration with legacy systems as well as complex rules for international taxation and other compliance issues.

Data and Credit Card Security

Our team spearheaded the application review, update and mitigation of a large Payment Card Industry, Data Security Standards (PCI-DSS) compliance effort of a global client.  This included architecture, design and delivery of mitigation solutions to reduce PCI scope which led to significant reduction in cost, risks, and time to market. 

Our team implemented a solution to separate sensitive data from eight legacy applications to a SaaS platform. Our team participated in the credit card processor selection, sensitive data encryption, and data tokenization effort. 

This project also included us establishing the data and application security policies, standard and architecture patterns. Credit card tokenization, Personally Identifiable Information (PII) mitigation, OWASP and SANS Vulnerability mitigations.

CMM and RUP Process Customization and Compliance

Our team established a company wide process and documentation standard for a global client. This involved defining an end-to-end SDLC leveraging a customized version of the Rational Unified Process (RUP) for the incremental and iterative development approach for large and architecturally complex and distributed system.

The Agile methodology (Scrum) was also leveraged during the implementation of individual modules in the overall process methodology.

Our team participated in the review and compliance process before handing over the sophisticated and trustworthy methodology, its processes and procedures to the client teams.

Flight Tracking System Integration

Our team created a very high-volume fight arrival and tracking system integration with our client's service management portal. The administrative officers were using the real-time flight updates on thousands of jobs that they were handling. In order to ensure error free operations and scalability/usability concerns, this software contained two modules; one that contained an adapter for legacy protocol and data handling as well as error resolutions, and the other to actually push cleaned data into the portal screen in real-time. 

This challenging project was very well received by the client's team and added significant value to our contributions in meeting their business objectives.

Automated Inventory and Product Tracking - IoT Solution

Our team built Internet of Things (IoT) and Real Time Location System (RTLS) based solution utilizing RFID tags attached to individual items in a retail store. By utilizing a UHF Appliance (Impinj Appliance), we were able to gather real-time data for inventory reconciliation to determine what was actually in store vs in records. This also allowed the client to track item movement in real-time and determine product location. For example, a certain piece of item missing from the shelf could be found using this system's ability to pinpoint an individual item (based on their RFID tag). The item movement information was especially useful to determine customer behavior and for better merchandising.