Manufacturing Resource Planning for Small and Medium Enterprises (eBusinessSmart)

eBusinessSmart is a web based Manufacturing Resource Planning (MRP) software targeted towards Small and Medium Enterprises (SME) in the developing markets. The software is fully functional and currently deployed at multiple electric transformers and generator manufacturers. 
eBusinessSmart is highly customizable and can be implemented as per the customers' organizational requirements to fit multiple companies, multiple payrolls model. It offers comprehensive business process support from employee entry to final product to the customer. eBusinessSmart has planning, materials, quality control, HR, sales & marketing, purchase, inventory, manufacturing, and legal forms to meet excise, sales tax support including export and VAT.

eBusinessSmart can be extended to multiple locations. The software is fully web-enabled. Hence the business functions can be accessed from anywhere using a web browser. The software is highly secure and uses role based security and strong authentication, authorization and auditing mechanisms.

The cost of ownership is low. The cost of initial implementation is low. The over ROI is very high since the product is already fully developed and is available at a very low cost.

Key Feature & Benefits


Key Features

Key Benefits


Process Oriented System

§  Enables a high degree of management control over complete business processes.


Flexible & Dynamic Process Definition

§  New or changed processes created by a change in management policy can be configured and implemented.

§  New Business Lines can be easily added.

§  Software adapts to the organization’s changing business requirements.

§  Enables quick implementation of business processes.


Multi Company

Multiple Unit

Multiple Location

§  Easily add new business entities.

§  Define multiple units/ plants and have separate transactions and consolidated reports for all locations.


Integrated Sales &  Distribution,  Costing, Budgeting with Manufacturing and Projects

§  Empowers management with real time information to make critical business decisions.

§  Quickly identify growth opportunities and decide on feasibility of new business ventures.


Highly Definable Processes for Manufacturing/Projects

§  Complex processes and the resources (materials, machines, manpower) and activities attached to these processes can be defined.  Enables management to understand the cost impact of each and every variable.


Line item level integration supported tracking

§  Enables high degree of traceability of all products, materials and resources throughout the complete business process cycle.


Web enabled

§  Truly web enabled, user can connect anytime to the database from anywhere worldwide, only requires internet connection.


Single Database for both LAN & WAN

§  Online integration of all data from across locations.

§  Previous years data accessible at the click of a button, no retrieval required from offline storage.


Highly scalable and Web Enabled (3-Tier (Architecture)

§  Add users as needed.  Can scale to 1000s of users without changing the system.

§  Enable access from multiple locations and branches.

§  Permit discretionary access for customers and suppliers.


Drill Down Access to Information

§  Quickly reach relevant information without having to print out reports and waste paper.


Online System

§  Enables availability of real time information on all aspects of the business .

§  Ensures timely and accurate sharing of information across all departments.

§  Enables management to obtain reports like daily inventory, production and sales information.


Role based

§  Users are attached to roles, hence the system is not individual dependent.


Built Work Flow & Online Authorization

§  All documents are ‘signed’ on the system.  Each document carries a date and time stamp for any action (creation, authorization, approval etc) taken.  Enables management to know who did what and when through extensive audit trails.


Alerts Engine

§  Management can be alerted based on pre-defined benchmarks.  Alerts can be sent through email and even SMS.


Highly User Friendly

§  Common interface enables low lag time for users across functional areas to get proficient with using the system.  Users not used to Computers or the Windows environment can be trained in their area of work in a few days.


Authorization / Workflow

§  System Authorization is a simple way of approving the transactions as per defined work flow.

§  Authorizers can see the transactions, modify transactions and revise the transaction.

§  Every document in System can have one or more authorizers (people who perform actions like reviewing or approving transactions). For example, in process consent for Red category, the work-flow will involve an EIC department clerk who initiates the process; RO who approves (authorizes) the transaction, and a MS who makes the Final decision on Grant or Refusal.


Color Coding

§  The information is coded with colors to make user identify the status of transaction at a glimpse.


Document Attachment Reference

§  This system function allows administrator to define the documents to be attached with different document types.

§  These reference documents would be available to the user performing the transactions for reference purpose.